20 new cases of the South African virus mutation were confirmed in Västmanland on Wednesday.

This is the first case of cluster infection of the new mutation in Sweden.

At present, it is not possible to link any of the cases to any trips.

- There is some type of travel connection, but the tracing of infection must determine how it went, says Matti Sällberg, professor at Karolinska Institutet and expert on vaccines, in Aktuellt.

He believes that the mutation can be found in more parts of the country.

- Since we do not identify exactly everything, it can of course be more widespread.

"A little uncertain"

The news about the cluster infection comes in the middle of the vaccination process, at the same time studies show that several vaccines bite worse on the mutation.

- Of the three vaccines that have been tested in South Africa, two show approximately 30% less protection, and then Astra's protection is a bit uncertain, says Matti Sällberg.

How much worse the effect of the Astra Zeneca vaccine is on the mutation is not yet entirely certain.

Studies show above all that the protection against milder infection is worse.

Mutate the vaccine

- All vaccines are likely to protect against serious illness and death, so it will relieve healthcare.

It is important that we all get vaccinated, that we continue the process we have, says Matti Sällberg and continues:

- Pfizer and Moderna's vaccine have not been tested in exactly the same way, but if you look at antibodies that come from the vaccinated, they seem to have some protection.

Several vaccine manufacturers are currently working on mutating their vaccines to monitor the virus' change and thus obtain protection against the mutation as well.