China News Service, February 17th. According to the Greek "China-Greece Times" report, severe weather "Medea" recently hit the Attica region of Greece. The General Secretariat of Civil Affairs and the Attica region government reported to the entire Residents in the area issued strong suggestions, calling on the people to reduce unnecessary travel.

On February 16, local time, Athens, Greece ushered in a rare heavy snow, and the ancient acropolis was covered with snow.

The picture shows the snowman pinched by the people with snow.

  According to reports, meteorological experts said this is the strongest cold front that Greece has encountered in 12 years.

The entire Attica region was covered by heavy snow.

In the northern suburbs, outdoor mobility is very difficult due to strong winds and blizzards, and the center of Athens is also full of snow.

  At present, many areas of Attica are still experiencing power outages, and roads are blocked by heavy snow, causing serious traffic problems.

Although vehicles previously blocked by road blockades have gradually recovered, traffic problems still exist.

On the new Athens-Corinth national road, trucks are forbidden, and cars need to use snow chains.

  The pharmacies and health care personnel of the National Health Service Organization of the Attica region also rushed out to provide services for related emergencies.

  On the morning of the 16th, Greek Prime Minister Mizotakis attended a special emergency meeting held at the Civil Protection Office.

The purpose of this meeting is to assess the current situation, because the heavy snow has severely affected the capital region, and it is necessary to coordinate all relevant agencies to better solve the problem, especially in the transportation area.

  After the meeting, Mizotakis said: "We are facing a very strong weather phenomenon that seems to last until tomorrow morning. It will affect Attica, Evia and Crete."

  He advised the public to avoid unnecessary travel and added: "The biggest problem at the moment is the power supply problem. The power supply is not available in the Attica area. The power company will repair it as soon as possible. We will face the unprecedented with great patience. Difficulties."

  Mizotakis also said that the vaccination on the 16th has been postponed, but he emphasized that the public will not miss any dose of vaccine.

(Chen Zhiye)