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The government is making a billion dollar injection for education as compensation for the closure of educational institutions due to the corona virus.

One of the plans is to have students pay half of their tuition or tuition fees in the coming school year, ministers Arie Slob (Primary and Secondary Education) and Ingrid van Engelshoven (Education) report on Wednesday during a press conference.

In total, the cabinet will allocate 8.5 billion euros over the next 2.5 years to make up for learning disadvantages.

A large part of the money (6 billion euros) goes to primary, secondary and special education.

Primary schools each receive an average of 180,000 euros, while secondary schools receive 1.3 million euros.

According to the cabinet, schools that have many pupils with fewer opportunities will receive relatively more money.

Educational institutions are free to choose how they want to invest the money.

The ministers do advise students who need this to give free tutoring during the summer holidays.

For secondary schools, combined bridging classes for VMBO and HAVO students are an option, according to the ministers.

The 50 percent discount on tuition fees gives students "financial breathing space in these difficult times, in which many students have also lost their side jobs", according to the government.

In addition, students who lose the right to the basic grant can receive an allowance.

Students can also travel for an extra year for free or at a discount if they need more time to get their diploma.

Finally, the government expects that universities and universities of applied sciences will be faced with an enormous influx of students next academic year, who, due to the corona crisis, do not choose a gap year or world trip.

To cope with this influx, educational institutions will receive an additional € 645 million to hire additional staff.

Homeschooling has been the norm since Christmas holidays

Secondary schools, colleges and universities have been closed since mid-December due to the spread of the British coronavirus variant.

Primary schools and childcare have been physically reopened since February 8 after a closure of several weeks.

During the first corona wave in the spring of 2020, all schools also closed for a longer period of time.

The cabinet is currently looking at a way to reopen secondary schools to a limited extent on 1 March.

Despite the learning disadvantages that secondary school students have incurred as a result of homeschooling, the upcoming central exam will continue as usual.

However, the tests are administered in an adapted form.

This gives students the opportunity to spread their exams and also the possibility of an extra resit.