WHO, the World Health Organization, has approved the emergency use of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The WHO recommended that adults can be vaccinated regardless of age, but Korea and other countries in Europe postponed or ban the vaccination of the AstraZeneca vaccine for the elderly.

This is reporter Ahn Sang-woo.

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World Health Organization's WHO approved emergency use of the Corona 19 vaccine developed by the multinational pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford in the UK.

Accordingly, both SK Bioscience and the Serom Institute of India's AstraZeneca vaccine, which are commissioned and produced, have been approved for emergency use.

With this approval, it is expected that the distribution of the vaccine through COVAX Facility, an international project for joint purchase of the Corona 19 vaccine, will be made smoother.

AstraZeneca vaccine is expected to be delivered to member countries in the first half of this year through COVAX.

[Governor Yeosus/WHO Secretary General: Today, the WHO approved the emergency use of the AstraZeneca vaccine so that the vaccine could be distributed worldwide through COVAX.]

AstraZeneca's expert advisory group announced on the 10th, AstraZeneca. It says that it is recommended that adults 18 years of age or older can use the Zeneca vaccine without any age restrictions.

However, some European countries, such as Germany, France, and Sweden, have banned AstraZeneca vaccine from vaccinating older people because of insufficient clinical data.

The WHO's approval does not reflect additional clinical data on the elderly, so it is likely to be controversial over the age of 65 years of vaccination.