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This is only an advisory opinion but it is followed in 90% of cases by the administrative court.

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France 3 Hauts-de-France

, the public rapporteur rejected the appeals against Martine Aubry, re-elected mayor of Lille on June 28, 2020.

With only 227 votes of difference against the green list led by Stéphane Baly, the socialist was imposed narrowly;

So much so that appeals had been filed by Stéphane Baly but also Violette Spillebout, LREM candidate who came in third position, to invalidate the election.

Several months before having a final decision

These appeals relate in particular to a hundred disputed signatures between the first and the second round but also to the means of the city used by Martine Aubry during her campaign.

Not enough to invalidate the election according to the advisory opinion issued by the public rapporteur.

A hearing will take place this Thursday, February 18 before the administrative court of Lille.

The decision will then be put under advisement before being made public within a fortnight.

Whatever the decision, it is then possible to appeal to the Council of State extending the period of several months so that we know definitively whether Martine Aubry will remain mayor of Lille.


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