Shocking confessions to the murderer of his neighbor as she prays in Egypt

An unemployed person named AF, 25, accused of killing his 48-year-old housewife, in her bedroom, while she was performing the dawn prayer in her apartment in a village in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, revealed details of his crime in his confessions before the investigation authorities, and the accused demanded his execution.

According to the Egyptian newspaper "Al-Watan", the accused confirmed that he was going through financial hardship and tried to borrow from all his acquaintances to no avail, so the idea of ​​robbing his neighbor who lives alone with her elderly husband entered into his mind without the presence of anyone else staying with them. The accused cried during the investigations demanding his execution. Investigations: "I want to die and let her take her right from me."

The accused narrated that he had been observing the victim's apartment from the windows of his apartment near the apartment of the murdered man and from the magic eye in the door of his apartment, for a period of 3 days. He left the key to the apartment at the door from the outside, and after that he opened the door and sneaked into the victim's bedroom and saw her performing the dawn prayer, then he tried to steal her jewelry from the closet, but the victim felt it.

The victim tried to scream and call for help from the neighbors, but the accused pounced on her and strangled her to death, then stole what he found, which is "two golden gouges" from inside the closet, and when he tried to escape, he was surprised by the victim's husband entering the apartment and pushed him and ran away.

The accused cried during the interrogations and said, "They executed me. The late woman was her best for her life. I deserve the hanging .. I want to go to her and take her right from me."

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