Every day, the morning of Europe 1 looks back on one of the sporting events that make the news.

This Tuesday, Virginie Phulpin looks back on the meeting this Tuesday between the Professional Football League and members of the government.

And she finds that very embarrassing ...

Representatives of professional football clubs are meeting several members of the government this Tuesday morning.

The League calls for an emergency support plan for the state.

Virginie Phulpin, you consider that professional clubs flirt with indecency ...

"It looks like the League and the clubs want to make all French taxpayers pay the price for their inconsistency. So yes, I find that quite embarrassing. That there is a meeting with the government to talk about the financial difficulties of the clubs and look for solutions, so much the better, obviously. It is together that we can find a way out of the crisis. But there, it looks like an injunction to act. Basically, we need help, we need it now and if you refuse to help us in a consequent way, you will have the death of French football on your conscience.

Could we just have a little decency?

The League didn't need anyone to get into trouble.

She does it very well on her own.

Okay, there is the health crisis which weighs heavily on the finances of the clubs, between the season stopped last year and the closed door in the stadiums since and it is necessary to find parades.

But nobody put the knife under the throats of the members of the LFP to force them to give in to the sirens of Mediapro.

The state has nothing to do with it.

French taxpayers either.

And the main hole in the finances of the clubs comes from there, of the calamitous management of the television rights.

It's a bit easy today to blame the health crisis for all the evils and to ask for compensation at all costs.

In addition, the state has already helped professional football a lot ...

Yes, we can not really say that the professional clubs have been abandoned to their sad fate.

They have benefited from partial unemployment, loans guaranteed by the State, compensation for ticket office losses is coming and there are also exemptions from social charges.

I'm not saying that's enough, nor that it's easy for clubs to manage, certainly not.

But we can still recognize that the State has already made many efforts.

So criticizing the government by asking in a little way leads to an emergency plan, it is very unwelcome.

The Minister of Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, also wants to speak at this meeting about the governance of professional football and the reduction of costs in clubs.

It seems necessary to me.

We need reforms, we have to think about the future, we have to learn from our mistakes.

Not just stand up to the state and continue as before, as if nothing had happened, as if we didn't want to learn any lessons.

And let us not forget either that it is the whole of French football which is in danger.

Not just professional football.

Amateur clubs have a hard time even playing football today.

They have lost many licensees.

While the pros go it alone and see no further than their best interests, yes, it's a bit awkward. "