Cortina d'Ampezzo (Italy) (AFP)

"It's a shame!"

Mathieu Faivre became on Tuesday the first world champion in the individual parallel in alpine skiing at Cortina d'Ampezzo (Italy), in a recent discipline regularly criticized for its format.

QUESTION: How do you welcome this title of world champion?

ANSWER: "I'm really happy with the way I approached the race today. I didn't have a plan I just wanted to produce ski, I managed to do it. I'm really happy to have managed to produce very high level skiing even with the pressure. "

Q: You become the first individual parallel world champion ...

R: "It's a shame! I have not always been in agreement with this discipline, on qualifying, the absence of run / re-run. Today we have something fairer, more fun to watch for the viewer. I'm the first world champion but that doesn't change what I was saying. She's still there (the medal), I'm not going to spit on it. "

Q: What place does this day take in your career?

A: "It's been four or five years that I am in delicacy, that I do not do the seasons that I would like to do, it is a reward, to know that I am able to produce this kind of ski on such an event. . There are days like this when everything is in order, everything goes well. Sometimes I said to myself, + yes you are able to do it, + I gave myself permission to believe it. term of emotions, compared to my success in the World Cup in 2016 in Val d'Isère, it is not the same thing. Quite honestly, in Val d'Isère, it was incredible, there was the public , buddies. This is special, look there is no one in the finish area. "

Interview in mixed zone

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