On February 15, the Spring Festival Transport entered the 19th day. In order to meet the peak of the return journey of the Spring Festival Transport, the transportation departments of various localities seriously provided services:

  Chongqing Railway Station has set up a special window for “elderly passengers” in the ticketing hall to provide cash purchase and change services. Ticket sellers and elderly passengers carefully check key information on the ride, patiently answer ticketing questions, and take the initiative to print travel information sheets for elderly passengers.

  Hangzhou’s “95128 Love Fleet” has increased its organization and investment in transport capacity, and through “one-on-one” booking pairing services, the problem that some elderly people “cannot get a taxi” or “cannot get a taxi” has been resolved, and the elderly can’t get a taxi. No matter how difficult it is.

  At Nanjing Lukou Airport and the South High-speed Railway Station, the transportation department dispatched a special epidemic prevention and inspection team to measure body temperature, check and register information for traveling passengers 24 hours a day, and guard the Spring Festival travel epidemic prevention and control gate.

(CCTV reporter Tang Ying)