The report reveals shortcomings in leadership, communication and organization.

And it is mainly at OP / IVA at Ryhov County Hospital that the shortcomings emerge.

In Eksjö and Värnamo, operations and leadership receive better grades.

The report describes the tough situation that the pandemic has entailed at all levels within the region.

The report emphasizes that both regional management and HR need to get closer to the business in order to restore trust.

- Much of what emerges in the report has been known to us for a long time and we have already acted in several ways before the second pandemic wave to improve the conditions for employees, says Patrick Nzamba, HR director at the region.

Doctors are being bullied

The report then reveals information about bullying within the management group and harassment within the medical group, where older doctors must have made certain demands on younger doctors in order for them to be accepted within the medical group.

The report states:

"Ongoing cases of bullying, abuse and negative discrimination need to be investigated, followed up and remedied in such a way that behaviors that are perceived as bullying, abuse or negative discrimination cease."

- Bullying and harassment are not compatible with the region's values ​​and when we learned about it in connection with the interviews in November, work was initiated to address this.

Some things can be fixed immediately while other things require long-term work, says Patrick Nzamba.

The text will be updated on Tuesday.

Below is a clip with Patrick Nzamba about why they chose to investigate the work million

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Hear why the HR director in the region Patrick Nzamba now chooses to call in an external consultant to investigate the working environment at OP / IVA in the region after the spring crisis of confidence.

Photo: Gustaf Söderström / SVT