• Policy. 150,000 recipients of the Minimum Living Income will have to present the income statement even if they are exempt

  • Politics: The Government begins the reform of the minimum income after its failure: it will not reach the planned families "not even close"

  • Decree law: People who live in shelters or share a house temporarily may request the Minimum Income

The parliamentary group of United We Can present in the Congress of Deputies a battery of amendments "to solve the deficiencies of the Minimum Vital Income", as has been explained this Monday from the




In this way, United We can take to the Lower House its discrepancies with the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations, José Luis Escrivá, regarding the Minimum Vital Income, some disagreements that have dragged on for months.

In fact, the party led by Pablo Iglesias explains that the decision has been made to register these amendments in parliament "after more than six months of no response to the proposals of United We Can within the Government."

"As a progressive government we cannot allow the Minimum Vital Income to function badly," they explain, because it is "called to be the last safety net for the most vulnerable people."

Twelve measures

In this way, the training has announced this Monday that it will present a dozen amendments, among which it stands out that, in order to calculate the income to access the Minimum Vital Income, the aid for dependency situation or the benefits or subsidies for unemployment.

It will also be proposed that the income be extended "exceptionally to any person who has a recognized minimum insertion income or regional social assistance as of December 31, 2020", as well as adding a supplement for those applicants who are in a situation disability.

Another of the points that Unidos Podemos will register will be the elimination of the "obligation to prove a legal, continuous and uninterrupted residence of at least one year in Spain for those applicants for international protection, returned Spanish emigrants, minors living in homes in irregular situation, victims of trafficking or victims of gender violence ".

In addition, the



will require that "access to the IMV of people who have been under the guardianship of the public system for the protection of minors and must abandon it to reach the age of majority, remaining helpless", and that, "to avoid the exclusion of reunited minors ", it is not required" that the coexistence unit has been set up for one year in cases of family reunification of daughters and sons ".

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