Bitburg (AP) - A nine-year-old boy was caught by the police in Bitburg at the wheel of a quad - with a seven-year-old as a passenger.

However, the four-wheeled vehicle may only be driven by license holders.

The police announced on Monday evening: "The father of the young driver only pointed out that the son would have the skills to drive such a quad."

Criminal proceedings are initiated against the man for tolerating driving without the required permission.

The police noticed the quad during a patrol trip - initially because the pillion, like the driver, was not wearing a helmet.

Later, the officials also determined: The TÜV for the vehicle was overdue for more than five years.

As the ADAC writes on its website, quads have special driving characteristics, "which, especially for quad newbies, take some getting used to and are not comparable with those of other vehicles such as bicycles or cars."

Therefore, serious accidents often occur, especially with inexperienced drivers.


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