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The actor once again takes on the role of dictator Trujillo in

La fiesta del chivo

, the theatrical adaptation of the Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa directed by

filmmaker Carlos Saura

at the Infanta Isabel Theater in Madrid.

What does it feel like to put yourself in the shoes of a dictator like Trujillo? A genocidal dictator is a bargain for an actor because he is a character who flies and has many prisms. Are there still many Trujillos today? There are many everyday Trujillos within of the

homes around the world.

They are all those people who establish dominance over others and come to humiliation, humiliation, crime and violence.

In the end, says Albert Pla, it is the leader who spoils the revolution.


What happens is that there are leaders who sometimes rise up without even a revolution.

Trujillo stayed to protect his country with the help of the Americans until they decided to get him out of the way.

Dictators have always used fear, which now dominates our lives with Covid.

We live in a society that I would not define of fear, but of uncertainty.

We will have to face seriously that the future of our society is at stake.

What are theater performances like today?

Cell phones almost never ring.

The functions are done in wonderful silence, which we have always wanted to work with.

It allows us to be finer.

The viewer is very concentrated.

If two or three mobiles ring in a theater performance, forget it.

Concentration can no longer be regained.

You defend yourself and you finish, but there is nothing there.

What does Carlos Saura contribute to the theatrical language?


It employs a sense of shapes and a proportion of the elements that have to do with simplicity brought to minimalism.

That makes him give the actors a huge responsibility when creating the characters, because he does not create his own montage but rather lets the story tell the montage.

You said that to get out of this terrible crisis you have to abandon ideological backpacks, but it seems that they pay little attention to you.

I didn't expect them to do it to me.

What is happening to us does not have to do with ideology, but with the pandemic.

The political-administrative arc of discussion in this country still confuses him.

I still believe that my ideological backpack does not give me anything when it comes to living the day-to-day life of one of the worst catastrophes that has happened to humanity.

From optimism we have passed to nihilism.

Yes. People are walking around the street looking for the GPS signal.

We have to hold on to what we have, which is now vaccination.

It will be a year since this situation, which puts the most painted to the test.

This maintained over time is devastating.

We live in times when it is very easy for liars to succeed because they say exactly what people need to hear.

Lying is not penalized.

You just have to watch the Trump movie.

For a lie to be believed, it must be repeated 100 times.

There are many people dedicated to that.

This is a phenomenon derived from the use of social networks.

The world has undergone a transformation that we may not have realized until it has exploited us in the face and we have seen the effect of the networks.

There are politicians like the Minister of Culture who seem missing

He is a man little given to appearances.

You gave him a good reprimand.

How is your relationship with him?

I know now that the powers of the Ministry of Culture do not exist.

They are in the autonomous communities.

But the fact that culture is considered as a good of first necessity and, therefore, an essential activity is what the ministry has to defend.

What is the effect of this attitude?

Unlike other countries, we continue to carry out theatrical cultural activity.

It is a very important step forward. The theater is open.

Does the Government of Sánchez point out the good news and endorse the brown ones to the communities?

Yes, of course, and the communities to the municipalities and they to the Government ... One of the problems in this country is that the parties when they govern are different from when they oppose.

The parties have two faces.

And then regardless of who rules, communication is not their thing.

Things are not communicated well.

Meanwhile, the youtubers, who are the idols of our children, are going to live in Andorra.

I am in favor of health, education and public justice for all.

I am a public defender and that costs money.

Whoever wins the most, has to pay more.

I consider that people who do not meet their tax obligations and take the money out of Spain, I think they are unsupportive and do not deserve my appreciation.

What do you think of Messi's contract?

Whoever makes money is because they pay it, not because they have stolen it.

If Barça's economic problems are Messi's contract, then the president would have to be Messi, I say.

What worries me is that Messi pays his taxes, not that he earns millions of euros.

Is it worth retaining the best player in the world at the cost of ruining your team?

I don't think that Barça's financial problems come from Messi's contract.

They will come from other places.

Nobody pays for something that is not generated.

Soccer is based on that.

Surely what has saved Barça from not being in Second B now is Messi's contract.

Threshold claimed that he had lived more in literature than in life.

Has the same happened to you?

No, my life is unrepeatable, while my work on stage is repeatable.

What has been your worst moment on stage?


One day I was totally hit in a scene from

The executioner


He came in with the executioner's briefcase and we had a conversation.

When I arrived, I couldn't go on.

I started to get dizzy and said, "I'm going."

I caught them all with a changed pace.

The fear that I went through 15 performances later every time that moment came!

They gave me anxiety attacks when I don't get nervous about anything.

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