Potsdam (dpa / bb) - For employed people in Brandenburg, the psychological stress has increased according to the assessment of the health insurance company KKH.

According to the calculations of the KKH, insured employees were on an average of 36.6 days on sick leave due to depression, chronic exhaustion or the like in 2020 - that is around two days more than in 2019. However, Brandenburg still recorded the smallest increase in the state comparison: Nationwide was the duration of illness due to mental illness was even 43.7 days.

"We cannot tell from the numbers whether the increased absenteeism is directly related to the Corona crisis," says KKH business psychologist Antje Judick.

Dealing with the pandemic, the feeling of helplessness, but also a lack of childcare, caring for relatives, loneliness and existential fears would in any case leave their mark on people.

The assessment of the KKH also coincides with calculations of the AOK from last autumn.

Accordingly, between January and August 2020, those insured with AOK were on average around three days longer due to psychological stress than in the previous year.


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