The guards, two at a time, will move in the central parts of the city during the afternoons and evenings.

- We have an agreement in place for rounding at 14.00 to 00.00.

For the first two months, they will tour six hours a day, Monday to Saturday.

Then we will be able to control that based on what the situation looks like, says municipal director Daniel Jansson-Hammargren.

To be evaluated

When two months have passed, the idea is to sit down and evaluate any further needs.

- Is it the right number of hours and are they correct?

Can they be reduced and so on.

It's about fairly large costs, but the idea is to have a dialogue with property owners and business, but we are not quite there yet.

The cost is estimated at approximately SEK 98,000 per month for the security contribution.

If permission is given from the police, security guards will replace the guards in the long run.

Then the cost amounts to SEK 112,000 per month.

- It's not okay anywhere with criminal acts being committed.

Our citizens should not have to endure it and neither should staff for that matter.

Politics and the majority have been very clear that we should start with this.

We have worked very hard with this.

"Are there challenges"

During the past year, several events have occurred that have created insecurity in Kumla.

The municipality has therefore worked actively with the police to resolve the situation, according to Hammargren.

The hope is now that security guards or security guards will contribute to part of the solution.

- There are challenges, but it is absolutely not the case that it would be possible to rectify these parts, says Daniel Jansson-Hammargren.