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All eyes were on Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

The president of the

Xunta de Galicia

has become a national trend on social networks this Monday, after the poor result of the PP in the Catalan elections on Sunday.


popular ones

only obtained three seats, far from Vox's 11, which has turned the party's gazes towards Pablo Casado.

He is blamed, for the most part, by the territorial barons, in private.

In public, Feijóo has sent two messages with clear intentions, but immediately afterwards he wanted to limit Casado's guilt.

In other words, he has not entered the cloth of those who see him as a possible contender for




Something that already happened in 2018 and that he himself rejected to focus on



The first message was that "the PP must reflect" on why it has been reduced to a residual force in the Catalan legislative chamber, "and it must be able to convey to Catalan society that its presence in


will be useful" he said at a press conference.

The second message has been a clear vindication of its model as a way to dry up the boom of Vox.

"I feel very satisfied that in Galicia we do not have the situation of rupture that



and that in Galicia there are not certain parties that have a notable representation in Catalonia", in relation to Vox.

If he wants to go back in the future,

Alejandro Fernández

must make "a useful control of the independence government" that he does not doubt will be established again in Catalonia.

"Without noise, yes with ideas; without qualifiers and yes with proposals", has recommended Feijóo, to distance himself from Vox.

"Measured and distant responsibility"

But the president of the Xunta and baron of barons of the PP has wanted to minimize Casado's responsibility in the drift of the Catalan PP, as well as the impact of this setback on his internal leadership.

"Here we are all the PP," he said.

"Casado is as responsible for the Catalan result as Pedro Sánchez was for the PSOE's collapse in the Galician elections. They are different elections, not extrapolated. The responsibility of a national president in regional elections has to be measured and distant," he argued.

In order not to fall into conformism, he immediately called again to "examine the causes of the result in Catalonia", something that must be prioritized "without a doubt" in the

National Executive Committee

to be held on Tuesday in Genoa.

Beyond the acronyms, Feijóo highlights above all abstention as the cause of the results that the ballot box threw on 14-F.

"More than a million Catalans have not cast their vote. These elections should not have occurred in the pandemic situation that Catalonia is experiencing. In Galicia there were five drop points and in Catalonia, 25.6 points. It was not possible to vote normally ", has defended.

"Above all, the elderly", who tend to vote more for conservative options.

The Galician baron has congratulated the PSC on its victory, but has asked it not to give in to the siren songs of the independence movement and guarantee the "fairness" of the Spanish.

"If you continue to flirt with separatism and regional financing or the Budgets depend on the approval of the Generalitat and we will be governed not only by Sánchez, but also by Junqueras, we will do everything in our power so that that does not affect Galicia ", he warned.

For Feijóo, although the PSC has obtained more votes than any other formation, "the independence movement has won", with a clear roadmap: "Failure to comply with the legal order of the


and the



"It worries me, because the Government of Spain is going to depend more than ever on the independence movement" and this could "have very important consequences for equity, financing, or the distribution of European funds."

"The PSC has the responsibility to lead constitutionalism and fight the independence movement firmly," the president of the Xunta has settled.

Because "when that combat is abandoned, as Ciudadanos did, nationalism grows."

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