As of July 1, a new, simpler and more efficient energy performance diagnosis (DPE) will be mandatory for all homes.

It was enacted by the executive with the aim of fighting against thermal strainers, these homes with high energy consumption.

While one in six French people live in poorly insulated housing, the government has decided to move up a gear.

Indeed, the executive has decided to declare war on thermal strainers by setting up on July 1 a new energy performance diagnosis (DPE) mandatory for all housing.

It was presented on Monday and already promises to be simpler and more effective than the current device.

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This diagnosis will be made up of two new sections.

First, it will be possible to see in black and white how many kilos of CO2 your home emits per square meter and per year, with a classification from A to G. As for the second section, it will consist of a price range for your home. future energy bill, more reliable since the bills of the former occupant will no longer be taken into account.

A opposable DPE 

The professional will therefore carry out a real diagnosis taking into account the materials.

And the big news is that this DPE will be opposable: if you have bills that are heavier than expected, you can request a new diagnosis and take action against the owner.


- Housing: the worst "energy strainers" can no longer be rented from 2023

St├ęphane Prouzeau, vice president of Fidi, the Federation of real estate diagnostics, for the example of a house where all the rooms are not insulated: "Let's say that the insulation was carried out on part of the walls, but not on the whole room, or real estate. In this case, you can have insulation in the bedroom, but not in the main room. We meet this situation regularly, and when it happens, the court compensates the owner by an allowance equal to the insulation from the inside of the main room. "

In other words, the court will reimburse the exact amount that will allow you to do the missing insulation work.

An amount that can go up to several tens of thousands of euros.