The Abu Dhabi Appeal raised the compensation to make up for grief

150,000 dirhams in compensation for parents whose son died in an accident

The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal decided to amend a ruling of the Court of First Instance, which stipulated compensation for a couple for the death of their son in a traffic accident, at an amount of 20 thousand dirhams, and the court decided to increase the amount of compensation to 150 thousand dirhams, indicating that the amount decided is not sufficient to compensate for these damages.

In the details, a couple filed a lawsuit, in which they demanded that the defendants (a driver, a company, and an insurance company) be bound, in solidarity and solidarity, to pay an amount of 513 thousand and 292 dirhams in compensation for material and moral damages, indicating that while the first defendant was driving a vehicle owned by the second defendant and the insured On her with the third defendant, he mistakenly caused the death of their son as a result of negligence.

The court of first instance decided to compel the defendants jointly to pay the plaintiffs 10 thousand dirhams each, and to pay the late interest on this amount at the rate of 5% annually from the date of the judgment becoming final until the payment is completed, indicating in the merits of the judgment that the criminal judgment that proved the error of the first defendant Because he caused the death of the deceased of the plaintiffs, and that he was subordinate to the second defendant, so she bears with him the responsibility for compensation, as is the responsibility of the entered company, according to which it is insured with the car that committed the accident.

The judiciary did not accept the plaintiffs, so they appealed it and demanded to amend the verdict and to compel the appellant, in solidarity and solidarity, to pay them 513 thousand and 292 dirhams in compensation for the material and moral damages that they suffered. He supported them when they were over sixty years old, and that he had not married and was spending on them, and that the judgment made a mistake in assessing compensation for the moral damage, as it had caused them to severely damage the loss of their livers, which died in the prime of their youth, and that what was decided does not force a single moment of pain that afflicted them In addition to the error of the judgment in the judicial refusal of them in exchange for the expenses of transporting the body of the deceased by saying that the bill is not translated.

The Court of Appeal stated in the merits of its ruling that the appellants did not provide evidence of the support of the deceased for them, so the court's refusal of them to support the maintenance expense coincidentally, as for the transportation expenses of the body of their deceased, they submitted the invoice confirming these expenses in the amount of 13 thousand and 292 dirhams, and if it is not proven that Others bear these expenses, so the court decides for them this amount according to it from the material damage.

She added that the estimation of compensation for moral damages, as the ruling proved the appellants' entitlement to this compensation and the amount decided by it was not sufficient to redress these damages, as the court decides to increase the amount according to the deceased, the son of the appellants, and grief over his loss in an accident that hurts the soul with severe pain, and ruled to oblige the appellant to the first and second In solidarity with each other and in solidarity with the third, to pay the appellants 150,000 dirhams in material and moral compensation, upholding the ruling on anything else, and obliging the appellant to pay the expenses.

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