• Coup in Myanmar: Biden calls for the immediate release of Aung San Suu Kyi

  • Coup in Myanmar.

    Aung Sang Suu Kyi arrested


February 14, 2021

Situation increasingly difficult in Myanmar.

The alarm was raised by the US embassy through a tweet in which it speaks of a movement of troops in the country and of "an interruption in telecommunications between 1 am and 9 am local time" in the capital Yangon.

US citizens are advised to stay indoors during a curfew from 8pm to 4am.

The military presence is growing and the use of force to quell the protests that exploded after the military coup and the arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi and which do not seem to diminish, creating an increasingly incandescent climate.

Clashes also in the northern state of Kachin where security forces fired to disperse demonstrators outside a power plant.

Five journalists were also arrested, according to local media.

Since February 1, when the military junta took power by effectively blocking the transition process to democracy, tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in Yangon to demand the release of San Suu Kyi, who was placed under arrest along with others. hundreds of politicians and activists.

The new regime also warned citizens not to offer refuge to politicians and activists still wanted.

The military is also trying to gag journalists, inviting them not to write so as not to animate the riots in the streets.

And, given the alert issued by the US embassy, ​​no better days are expected.