• Myanmar military junta orders arrest of protest leaders

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February 14, 2021 The military junta of Myanmar has warned the population not to cover the flight of protest leaders against whom arrest warrants have been issued, inviting them to provide useful information for their capture.   

Much of the country has been under tension since last week, when soldiers arrested Aung San Suu Kyi and overthrew her government, ending a nascent democracy after generations of military rule.

Security forces have stepped up arrests of doctors and others who continue to join the civil disobedience movement which has seen huge crowds fill the streets of large urban centers and more isolated villages.   

Police are now hunting down seven people who openly supported the protests, including some of the country's best-known pro-democracy activists, Min Ko Naing, who spent more than 10 years in prison for fighting a previous dictatorship in the country. 1988, while he was a university student.   

"They are arresting people at night and we have to be careful," he said in a video posted on Facebook Saturday, bypassing a junta ban hours before his arrest warrant was issued.

"They could increase the level of repression and we will have to be prepared."