Chemnitz (dpa / sn) - A 22-year-old was on Friday in a rental car of his mother and under the influence of drugs on a dangerous chase with the police.

According to the authorities on Saturday, he repeatedly disregarded traffic rules, ignored red lights, made risky overtaking maneuvers and forced other road users.

During his escape across town, he also rammed several vehicles, including the winter service and a patrol car that tried to force him to stop.

The 22-year-old had accelerated instead of stopping during a control in the Wittgensdorf district.

Only a man, who blocked his way with his car, stopped him.

The fugitive had probably endangered or coerced him on the motorway and the other driver had followed him.

The fugitive then ran away on foot, but was found a little later at his home address.

A drug test was positive, his driver's license was fake, and he had cannabis with him.

He is now being investigated for endangering road traffic, prohibited motor vehicle racing, unauthorized removal from the scene of the accident, driving without a driver's license and unauthorized possession of narcotic drugs.


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