The host and journalist Sophie Davant was the guest of Laurent Mariotte in the program "La Table des bons vivant".

The opportunity to come back to her link with the Bordeaux region where she grew up and which, young, had given her the serious desire to work in the wine industry.   


No, Sophie Davant did not always want to be a journalist.

This is what we discover this week in Laurent Mariotte's show,

La Table des bons vivant


The young Bordelaise, who has bathed in the vineyards of the region since childhood, once thought of a career in the wine industry ... before quickly becoming disillusioned.

An experience she shared on Europe 1. 

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Passionate about oenology 

"I was a good student", assures Sophie Davant.

"So I was made to do Latin and German in first language. Subsequently, as I was zero in math, I was made to do a bac C. But since I did not have enough good record with all the subjects I was doing, I couldn't really choose my future. By default, I did a foreign language course and there, I told myself that living in the Bordeaux region, I could work in the middle of the wine. "

What to combine the useful with the pleasant for this passionate about wine.

"So I did everything to do internships that corresponded to my desire", explains the host.

She notably did an internship with Pascal Dourthe, a wine merchant. 

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Wine, "a closed environment"

After many internships, Sophie Davant was not disappointed but she realized that it was complicated to have her place there.

"I did several internships and I realized that all the same, it was easier to succeed in this environment when you were the son of squires. It was 30 years ago, I don't know if that was. is still as closed as a middle. But suddenly I took another road. "