Every month, Laurent Mariotte challenges Olivier Poels, in the program "La Table des bons vivants", to manage to match three seasonal products with wine.

In this month of February, the chronicler must find the right wine with blood orange, raclette and cabbage.

Impossible mission ?

Whether you are a wine specialist or not, there always comes a time when we are in doubt when it comes to creating a wine pairing worthy of the name.

All the more so when it comes to seasonal ingredients that give pride of place to received ideas.

So many reasons that prompted Laurent Mariotte to ask columnist Olivier Poels to find the perfect pairings to accompany our winter dishes on the program

La Table des bons vivant


Blood orange, raclette and cabbage will (finally) find favor in your eyes and those of your guests. 

blood orange 

"The clothes do not make the monk", a saying that perfectly suits the blood orange.

Indeed, it is not because it is red that it goes with red wine.

"The blood does not go especially with the red", insists Olivier Poels.

"For a successful marriage, I suggest two white wines from the Bordeaux region: a Sauternes and a Barsac."

Why ?

As they age, these two wines will acquire aromas and odors of orange, orange peel, orange zest.

For a perfect and subtle accord. 

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If you are fed up with the endless debates between your guests on what to drink with a raclette, red or white wine, Olivier Poels offers you the solution.

"If you eat a raclette with raw milk cheese, with potatoes in the field and quality cold meats, then you have to start with a wine that slices, which will" clean "your mouth. all that fat. For that, you have to opt for a Savoy wine like chignin. "

Similar to Savoie wine, we can also set our sights on Petite Arvine, a cuvée cultivated in Switzerland.

And if you really want to taste your raclette with a red wine, you can choose a wine with very low tannins like La Mondeuse, a black grape from Savoie. 

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A seasonal vegetable par excellence, cabbage is omnipresent in winter, in the form of a gratin or as an accompaniment to a good sauerkraut.

"It is always difficult to find an agreement with cabbage because it is a vegetable vegetable which also brings out this taste in the wine", explains Olivier Poels.

"It is therefore very difficult not to fall for this taste of" green "... For that, I advise you to combine this vegetable with a Sancerre."

Finally, if you taste a sauerkraut, without hesitation, head for Alsace with a beautiful Riesling.

A winter staple.