The Platform of Balearic teachers PLIS Education regrets the hiring by the Government of the socialist

Francina Armengol

of the rapper Pau Llonch, a "pro-independence and pro-communist activist, defender of the mandatory imposition of immersion in Catalan as a fighting tool" to give courses in teacher training.

"Teacher training courses are a mixed bag where everything fits, especially if it has little to do with the academic and professional training of teachers. In fact, the design of permanent teacher training courses depends on the Standardization Service Linguistics and Training. Joining teacher training with linguistic standardization in the same institution says everything and explains why Pau Llonch has been hired, "they denounce.

Through social networks,

the rapper has asked that they let him work in peace

, and that they dare to "verify without prejudice" his "fantastic results".

He also accused the journalistic right of "stigmatizing" his project, trying to "dehumanize" it and making the educational world "unbreathable so that teachers did not think for themselves either."

Llonch fears pressure on the workers of his Versembrat project, to educate through rap, and from the Twitter account of this project they

accuse El Mundo of "hating Catalan



However, for PLIS, the hiring of the rapper, who understands music "as an activist instrument to achieve a communist society,

is a clear symptom of the decline of teacher training courses


For teachers on the islands, there is an urgent need for a radical change in the planning and financing of teacher training courses, and to give teachers the freedom to choose regional or national courses, taught by the administration or by concerted entities.

They also see it necessary for teachers to receive a training check so that they can freely

use it in the course that best suits their needs

, abandoning the current closed system of courses offered by the administration.


are practically no courses of professional teacher training

, updating knowledge and there are more than those of a moral or socio-political nature, such as sexism in language, coeducation or multiculturalism," they denounce.

The Palma Teachers' Center currently offers courses entitled: "We will all continue on our way together", "We get excited about ...", "Emotional levers for health, personal and social well-being", "The work of skills emotions as the backbone "," Mindfulness and compassion in education "," Managing emotions "," Storytelling for emotional literacy ", and"

Mindfulness and teacher well-being


On the other hand, from Vox Baleares they denounce that the islands have "dramatic problems in Education such as the imposition of Catalan, indoctrination in classrooms, the very high rate of school failure or the pandemic", and yet for Armengol "

the important thing is to teach to rap the teachers

. "

"The priorities of the Balearic Executive are clear: if you have a bar they will close it to you, but

if you are a friend of the terrorist Otegui they will give you work

", denounces the spokesman for VOX in the Balearic Parliament, Jorge Campos.

VOX is going to ask for explanations for the hiring of Pau Llonch, and so the Balearic Government details

with what educational criteria his services have been required

and how much the contract amounts to.

At the moment they have registered two questions with a request for a written response.

"It is urgent that we remove Catalan separatism from Balearic education. Once again we see that for what is important there is no money, the economy is sinking, we do not have vaccines, and Armengol leads us to ruin, but for separatism and hatred of Spain never lacks money ", sentence.

They also recall that it is not the first time that radical separatism characters such as Pau Llonch are favored with public money, since the tripartite chaired by the socialist Francina Armengol with the support of Més per Mallorca and Podemos placed in the Autonomous University Secretariat and Investigation, which reports from Agustina Vilaret (ERC) to

Marcel Pich

, a well-known member of Endavant OSAN (Socialist National Liberation Organization), an anti-constitutional and separatist group linked to the CUP, with

an annual salary of 46,700 euros


They also recall that the convicted and fugitive


"gave talks to high school students in Mallorca before fleeing to Belgium where he resides under the umbrella of the also fugitive



Also through social networks, Citizen leaders like

Toni Cantó

, denounced the "indoctrination" through the courses.

While the PP senator,

Maria Solom

, accused Armengol of continuing "to throw away our tax money."

And he asked him to "stop watering his pro-independence friends and attend to the real needs."

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