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The mother of the little victim had to wait 23 years for the murderer of her child to be brought to justice.

Wednesday evening, the father of little Andréa was sentenced by the Assize Court of Drôme to nine years of criminal imprisonment for having killed his daughter of two and a half months in 1998 in Portugal.

Cyril Siette was also fined 20,000 euros for moral damage caused to the mother of the child, Carla Ventura, civil party in this lawsuit, who now hopes to be able to mourn, according to his lawyer Me Laure-Alice Bouvier.

The prosecutor had requested earlier in the day against the accused a 15-year prison sentence for violence which resulted in the death of his daughter.

Indicted in 2017

On March 18, 1998, he had shaken her violently to silence her, before throwing her on the sofa, then throwing her against a wall by kicking her in the stomach.

On her arrival at the hospital in Viano do Castello, Portugal, where the couple then resided, Andréa Marie Siette was unconscious, hypothermic and presented with lesions to the abdomen, including burns.

She died on April 1, 1998.

After the baby dies, for seven years, nothing happens.

Then the French judicial authorities take charge of the procedure, the then separated couple residing in France.

The parents are heard in 2003. Then, nothing more.

Until June 2010 the Pontoise public prosecutor's office filed the proceedings for the termination of public action.

The case resumed two years later when Carla Ventura wrote to the public prosecutor to ask that this crime not go unpunished.

“We could engage the responsibility of the State for abnormally long delays, but I don't think we will.

What we wanted is that justice be done, ”said Me Laure-Alice Bouvier.

Cyril Siette was indicted on November 13, 2017, in Drôme, where he resided.

During his trial, which began on Monday, the accused explained that he did not remember the facts.

For the lawyer of Andrea's mother, the responsibility of Carla Ventura has not been questioned.

“The court understood that she was just as much a victim as her daughter.

I hope that with this judgment my client will be able to end 23 years of her life, ”she underlined at the end of the trial.


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