It was in 1880 in the beautiful city of Marseille that the tapenade was born, created by chef Meynier in his restaurant la Maison Dorée.

He garnished hard-boiled eggs with it.

But the idea of ​​making an olive-based paste is much older and during antiquity, a number of preparations were already famous such as epityrum, which contained olives, fennel, herbs, vinegar, oil.

Tapenade recipe: 

- 100 g of black olives

- 100 g of capers

- 50 g of anchovy fillets

- 50 g of marinated tuna

- 1 dash of cognac

- Pepper

- Olive oil (100 ml)


In a mortar, crush the olives, capers, anchovies and tuna


Put everything in a bowl and whisk, adding the cognac and olive oil