Commerce station (line 1) will look a bit like that of Duchesse-Anne -

Nantes Métropole

It is the busiest stop on the TAN network (60,000 ascents and descents per day).

Unmissable, the Commerce tram station, on line 1, will undergo major work in July-August.

The work, which was initially due to take place last summer, aims to renovate the rails and catenaries, to redo the platforms, to lengthen them to be able to receive two trainsets at the same time, and to install new passenger shelters.

The old dark shelters dating from 1985 will therefore be dismantled.

Nantes Métropole has just unveiled the look of the new street furniture that will replace them.

Designed by the AUP-Architectes agency, it will be similar to that of the Duchesse-Anne tram station, that is to say with large glass panels, translucent green roofs with rounded shapes and powerful LED lighting.

A pedestrian plateau planted with trees around the resort

The interventions of the platform should be spread over four months from June to September.

Line 1 traffic will be cut off to the Médiathèque station for nearly two months.

More generally, this work is part of the vast transformation project of the Feydeau-Commerce sector which began in early 2019. A pedestrian plateau with trees and flowers will be set up on each side of the tramway.

The numerous flows of travelers between line 1 and lines 2-3 will be facilitated.

Fountains will appear in the immediate vicinity of the Place du Commerce.

The Commerce underground car park will also have been rehabilitated.

We will have to wait until summer 2022 to discover the final result.


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