A panel of UN Security Council experts has put together a report that North Korea is suspected of illegally obtaining more than $ 300 million in cyber attacks in the last two years and devoting it to nuclear and missile development. It was.

This was revealed in an annual report compiled by a panel of UN Security Council experts examining the implementation of sanctions against North Korea.

According to it, it seems that North Korea illegally obtained about $ 316.4 million and more than 33 billion yen in Japanese yen by launching a cyber attack on a cryptocurrency exchange in the two years until last year. The report states that North Korea is suspected of using these funds for nuclear and missile development.

Regarding cryptocurrency assets, it is pointed out in an adult report that a group of hackers under the command of the "General Reconnaissance Bureau" in charge of covert operations is suspected of launching a large-scale cyber attack, and North Korea's main funding It is believed to be a means of financing.

In addition to this, North Korea illegally tampered with refined petroleum products that exceeded the annual import limit set by sanctions several times last year with the "Ship-to-ship" method of arranging two vessels side by side and transferring cargo at sea. Allegedly imported, the issue remains how to prevent North Korea's fraudulent financing.