Glyphosate banned in Germany at the end of 2023, farmers furious

Angry farmers in Berlin, February 9, 2021. AP - Michael Sohn

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Already in the fall of 2019, many had demonstrated.

They're on the streets again these days.

They are protesting, among other things, against a bill adopted on February 10 by the Council of Ministers and providing for insect protection measures involving a reduction in the use of pesticides.


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With our correspondent in Berlin


Pascal Thibaut

" Back to the past ".

For the German Farmers' Federation, the government bill harms the competitiveness of this industry without improving insect protection.

For two weeks, they have been demonstrating on board their tractors chanting “

without farmers, no future


The bill was slow to be concluded as there were so many disagreements between the Christian Democratic Minister of Agriculture and her SPD counterpart in charge of the Environment.

Angela Merkel had to bang her fist on the table for the case to progress in recent days.

The text wants to restrict the use of pesticides in the countryside to stop the disappearance of insects.


, suspected of being carcinogenic, will be banned at the end of 2023. The government has also put an end to controversial practices such as the live castration of piglets or the crushing of male chicks.

The reform of the European common agricultural policy, which provides for greater respect for the environment, will in the future reinforce the anger of German farmers a little more.

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