A 13-year-old boy called 112 last Monday to report that his 39-year-old father was beating his 38-year-old mother at her home in the El Restón neighborhood in Valdemoro, according to the Chief of the Local Police of the municipality, Alberto Albacete.

The minor used his mother's phone to immediately report the assault.

A conflict at home, with a strong argument between the couple, ended with a physical assault by the man on the woman and it was the 13-year-old boy who notified the emergency service of what was happening at home around 7:00 p.m. hours last Monday the 8th.

According to the head of the Municipal Police,

the person who answered the phone at 112 heard the screams that were taking place at the home

and, when a team of Local Police appeared at the scene, the victim confirmed that it had been attacked.

The woman was taken by a municipal ambulance to the Infanta Elena de Valdemoro Hospital, while the aggressor was arrested at his own home.

The Chief of the Local Police of Valdemoro has specified that the case "has as particularity the situation experienced by other victims of gender violence, in this case a 13-year-old boy and other cohabitants."

"They are victims that no one ever names,

sometimes we do not know what to do with the minor, the mother goes to the hospital

, the father to the jail, but what do we do with the minor," Albacete asked, noting that there are times when that there is no close relative to take care of those "who are the most vulnerable in these cases."

Albacete has highlighted the importance of children knowing how to handle 112 and other emergency telephones.

It is unknown if the woman had filed a complaint against her partner for abuse,

although it is known that the victim was followed up by the family unit.

The Valdemoro Local Police has a unit specialized in sexist violence.

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