President Biden of the United States talks with Prime Minister Modi of India over the phone, and with the idea of ​​"free and open Indo-Pacific" in mind to respond to China accelerating marine advancement, both countries, Japan and Australia We confirmed the strengthening of cooperation within the framework of.

The White House of the United States announced on the 8th that President Biden had the first telephone meeting with Indian Prime Minister Modi, "agreeing to continue working closely to promote the Free and Open Indo-Pacific."

According to the report, it supported freedom of navigation and territorial conservation in the Indo-Pacific region, and confirmed the strengthening of cooperation between the two countries in the framework of Japan and Australia.

The former Trump administration has clarified the policy of countering China, which is accelerating its advance into the oceans in the South China Sea, with the framework of these four countries, and the Biden administration has also indicated that it will attach importance to this framework.

President Biden also emphasized the importance of adhering to democratic practices and norms, and the two leaders agreed that the rule of law and the democratic process should be respected over the situation in Myanmar. ..