Three minors were sentenced by the juvenile judge in Den Bosch to juvenile detention on Tuesday because of their part in the curfew riots in Eindhoven.

It concerns two seventeen-year-old boys from Eindhoven and a peer from Heeze.

The boys were present on January 24 at a demonstration in the center of Eindhoven against, among other things, the corona measures.

The demonstration got out of hand when a group turned against the police.

Among other things, stones and bicycles were thrown at the police and the mobile unit (ME) and shops looted.

The juvenile judge imposed the highest punishment on the seventeen-year-old from Eindhoven who made striking movements towards the police with a baton.

In addition to 51 days of juvenile detention, he will be supervised by the juvenile probation service.

He is also placed under house arrest for four weeks.

His fellow townsman received fifty days in juvenile detention, of which 34 days on probation, for throwing stones at the police.

He will also be supervised by the juvenile probation service, he has to cooperate in daytime activities and he will be placed under house arrest and a ban from entering the center of Eindhoven as long as the probation service considers it necessary.

The boy from Heeze has also been convicted of throwing stones at the police.

He gets forty days in juvenile detention, of which 24 days on probation.

The police judge in Den Bosch imposed hefty punishments on adult rioters during the curfews last week.

The highest punishment was for an eighteen-year-old man who, among other things, turned a ProRail car upside down and threw stones at the police.

He is in prison for eight months, four of which are conditional.