Hot Interpretation | Watching the Landscape

  Thermal interpretation

  Heaven and earth have great beauty without saying

  The mountains are secluded, the water is far away

  February 3 is the beginning of the Spring Festival

  Spring returns to the earth, everything recovers

  General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Guizhou for inspection

  The first stop is Qianxi County, Bijie City

  Follow in the footsteps of the general secretary

  Walking colorful Guizhou

  The green hills are so charming, the green water is full of gold

  Wujiang in the past

  The pollution control situation is grim

  Once sounded the ecological "alarm"

  After prescribing the right medicine and powerful management

  The beauty of "Bali Gallery" reappears

  A river of clear water flows eastward

  Standing on the bank of Wujiang Liuchong section

  The general secretary has a deep and long vision

  Keep the bottom line of development and ecology

  This is his clear request to Guizhou

  Look at the water before entering the village, and send a message to the Wujiang River

  Declare again to hold the bottom line

  Green is the background color of beautiful China

  Ecological civilization is the millennium plan of the Chinese nation

  The green waters and mountains of the motherland are the long-term concern of the general secretary

  Whether summing up the past or drawing the future

  General Secretary Xi Jinping has always emphasized ecological protection

  To "calculate large accounts, long-term accounts, overall accounts, and comprehensive accounts"

  Walking the landscape

  One footprint, one sentence, one request

  Behind the deep landscape

  With the general secretary's deep feelings for people's livelihood

  Qinling Hehe South and North, Zebei World

  Is our country’s central water tower

  It is the ancestral line of the Chinese nation and an important symbol of Chinese culture

  General Secretary Xi Jinping's words reveal the special status of Qinling

  In April 2020, the general secretary visited Qinling

  Visit the Takin Valley, climb the moon ya, caress the trees, and overlook the distant mountains

  He not only pays attention to the mountains in front of him

  Think deeper about the sustainable development of the country and nation

  To be a good Qinling ecological guardian

  In China's north-south boundary

  The general secretary issued a green motto

  Along the way

  "People live up to the green hills, and green hills will live up to others"

  Has long become an indisputable fact

  The blue sky, the greenery of midsummer, the running rock sheep

  Today Helan has become an exhibition hall for the results of the ecological defense war

  In June 2020, the general secretary came to Helan Mountain

  The rice fishing space looks at the "land", the characteristic industry looks at the "garden"

  The rice fragrant fish leaps, the wine is fragrant, and the Jiangnan is well-deserved

  The general secretary is especially concerned about the benefits of the people

  Ecology benefits the people, ecology benefits the people, ecology serves the people

  This is the expectation of the general secretary

  Landscape has become a "cornucopia", and people eat "ecological rice"

  The green development path is getting wider and wider

  January 2020, Dianchi Lake

  The general secretary emphasized

  We can’t eat food for children and grandchildren, to benefit mankind

  March 2020, Xixi Wetland

  General secretary

  Make the park a green space shared by the people

  May 2020, on the shore of Fenhe

  General Secretary Instructions

  Continue to work hard to reproduce the grand scene of "Splendid Taiyuan City"


  Plan the Yellow River Basin for a long time

  Let the Yellow River become a happy river that benefits the people

  Draw a "red line" for the protection of the Yangtze River

  Promote high-quality development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt

  People are supreme, but this is great

  The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China focuses on the construction of ecological civilization

  China's modernization has a new "beautiful" goal

  The Fifth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the Party sets a timetable

  Ensure that by 2035

  The quality of the ecological environment is fundamentally improved

  The goal of Beautiful China is basically achieved

  The first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan"

  Looking forward to beautiful China

  Long journey

  In progress

  Walk through thousands of rivers and mountains

  (CCTV Network of China Central Radio and Television)