Frankfurt / Kassel (dpa / lhe) - Snow and ice caused traffic problems, especially in northern Hesse on Monday.

Local and long-distance transport were also affected.

The North Hessian transport association NVV called on commuters to find out whether buses, trains or regional trains were running at all before they set off.

Due to the weather and road conditions, operations are not possible in some places.

It is not yet possible to provide information about when bus and train operations can be resumed.

For example, the regional trains from Halle, Erfurt and Fulda to Kassel were suspended, and connections to North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony were also affected.

On the routes between Kassel and Frankfurt, travelers had to be prepared for cancellations and delays.

Buses could not run on numerous routes.

"Due to extreme storms, there are delays and train cancellations in large parts of the country," said Deutsche Bahn's traffic information.

Long-distance traffic north of Frankfurt, for example in the direction of Leipzig, Dresden, Berlin, Hanover and Hamburg was initially discontinued, and there should be a limited number of trips again in the midday hours.


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current traffic information from Deutsche Bahn

Nordhessischer Verkehrsverbund on trip cancellations