Regarding the fact that the government has also made non-regular workers of large companies eligible for leave support, the Constitutional Democratic Party and others have said that the period covered by the payment will be limited and will not be sufficient relief, and to extend the period. I submitted the bill to the Diet.

The government has expanded the scope of the leave support provided to workers in small and medium-sized enterprises as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus to non-regular workers in large enterprises, while a state of emergency was declared during the target period. It has been announced that it will be closed only after the 8th of last month.

Regarding this, the four opposition parties, the Constitutional Democratic Party, the Communist Party, the Democratic Party for the People, and the Social Democratic Party, have been in distress for a long time since the first state of emergency was declared in April last year, which is sufficient at present. On the 8th, he submitted a bill to the Diet to extend the period covered by the payment to April last year, saying that it would not be a relief.

Akira Nagatsuma, Deputy Representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, who submitted the bill, said, "The government's method is to remove the ladder by narrowing down the target period while giving the image that it is'supporting'. Similarly, it is a good idea to have them all in April last year. "