The ME was under heavy pressure several times on Sunday, January 24, during the riots in Eindhoven, according to a statement of facts published by Mayor John Jorritsma on Monday.

Between 300 and 400 rioters attacked the mobile unit using "severe violence" and the situation escalated further.

An extra section of the riot squad from Amsterdam had to come to help fight the rioters.

It also turned out that the use of police horses was difficult because a water pitcher was used.

This made the square slippery and the horses slipped.

The water launcher also got a flat tire, which meant that it could not be used temporarily.

The rioters then ran into the station and looted shops.

The cameras on the Stationsplein were also destroyed, so that the police no longer had any images.

Train traffic had to be stopped.

Finally, the police deployed tear gas.

After 5 p.m. the riots slowly diminished, although small groups of rioters caused unrest in the city center for a long time.


Destruction and fires: this is how Eindhoven looks after the riots

COT enters into discussions with both the police and the demonstration organization

The Institute for Safety and Crisis Management COT will soon be talking with all those involved about the riots on 24 January in Eindhoven.

A report should be published in four weeks, containing the lessons learned from the riots.

The COT does not only talk to stakeholders such as the police, municipality, judiciary and ProRail, but also with the organization of the prohibited demonstration and entrepreneurs in the city center.

This investigation will be carried out at the request of Mayor Jorritsma.

He would like to know if the authorities have done everything to prevent and end the riots.

It will not be further examined whether the police violence was proportional.