Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) - Clubs and discos have been closed for almost a year.

And they will probably continue to do so even after the upcoming talks by the federal and state governments about nationwide easing.

"We have little hope that our cultural industry will also be discussed in the upcoming consultations," said Simon Waldenspuhl from the Baden-Württemberg Club Culture Interest Group of the dpa.

“Clubs were closed at the beginning and they will certainly only be allowed to reopen at the end.

Dance floors don't work at a distance. "

All the more important is a political encouragement that gives the heavily affected scene a perspective and also gives it more financial security.

"It's already 5 past 12 for the clubs," said Waldenspuhl.

It has never been easy to maintain a club with artistic standards.

“In many municipalities, clubs and venues were dying out before Corona.

The corona pandemic acts like a fire accelerator here, ”he says.

In view of the rising costs, the current lack of youth work, deferred rents and high personnel costs, the restart will be all the more difficult after the end of the pandemic.

The IG suggests that politics can support the battered club scene.

Landlords of publicly owned buildings could waive or reduce rental costs for businesses that were closed by the Corona Regulation.

A nationwide rental cost subsidy fund is also possible, which would provide financial support to operators in distress due to Corona.

Failure money for corona-related event cancellations could also help the clubs.


A total of around 100 players from almost 20 cities have joined the community of interests so far.

It was founded in January to give the scene a higher profile in politics and the public.

The lockdown to contain the corona pandemic is currently limited to February 14th.

On Wednesday, the federal and state governments want to talk to Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) about how to proceed.

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