Every day, the morning of Europe 1 looks back on one of the sporting events that make the news.

This Monday, Virginie Phulpin looks back on the two matches that made the sporting news of this weekend, the OM / PSG classico and the Super Bowl.

According to her, the classic OM / PSG will always be more interesting than a Super Bowl even if the show is not necessarily always there like this Sunday evening.

PSG went to beat OM, two to zero this Sunday.

Tonight, Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Superbowl in the United States.

But Virginie Phulpin will always prefer a bad OM / PSG to a good Super Bowl.

Football will never be totally American for Virginie Phulpin.

There is something to fall back on in front of the career of Tom Brady, who has just won his seventh title at 43.

Obviously we have every reason to swoon over the best quarterback in history, to remain speechless at the show of strength of his team during this Super Bowl, and to qualify this victory as legendary.

There is no debate on the sports spectacle nor on the American show.

But what Virginie Phulpin lacks, and which she finds in an OM PSG even unbalanced and similarly badly made like this Sunday evening, is everything else.

Our history, our culture, which give another meaning to what we see on the ground.

An OM / PSG like a match of the XV of France at the Six Nations Tournament, it brings back our childhood memories, it reminds us of moments with family, between friends, joys, sorrows, sporting disagreements that weld relationships .

Today, OM is experiencing more jolts behind the scenes than actions on the ground, PSG is above and its rivals are elsewhere, in Lille, Lyon or Monaco.

So we could look at this "Classic" as they say, with a distracted and more or less distressed eye.

However, this poster goes beyond pure sport to appeal to our very French antagonisms, this symbol of the Paris Province war, this visceral attachment that we can have for a club and for this sport with which we grew up, grew old.

Even if we are not a football fan, an OM / PSG is part of our common history.

Whatever happens on the ground.  

Does an OM / PSG make us feel French?

There is a bit of that.

Especially when you can complain about VAR.

That the referee is wrong, it happens.

That the video assistants, who see and review the images, are also wrong, it can happen once.

But twice like this Sunday evening with two forgotten penalties for PSG, we will have to explain what this video is for apart from chopping the match.

Complaining is part of our culture too.

And it is exacerbated during these OM / PSG.

While Virginie Phulpin has trouble bitching about the Super Bowl.

At the moment, we are asking a lot of questions about the future of football, about the fact that it no longer fascinates the youngest, we wonder if it is still a popular sport.

Virginie Phulpin finds precisely that all these doubts, which arise when our entire life is a gigantic question mark, prove to what extent we are intimately linked to football.

Even at a perfectly neutral OM / PSG.

Even though we love American football, it's still a sport for us.

Football itself is a little more than that.