[When the study is in progress] From February 3 to 5, General Secretary Xi Jinping went to Guizhou for investigation and research, and sent the care and condolences of the Party Central Committee to the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups on the approach of the Spring Festival.

There are many intriguing details in the inspection itinerary.

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  From February 3rd to 5th, General Secretary Xi Jinping went to Guizhou, successively to Bijie, Guiyang and other places, in-depth investigation and research in rural areas, communities, supermarkets, etc., and sent the care and condolences of the Party Central Committee to cadres and masses of all ethnic groups on the eve of the Spring Festival.

  In the inspection itinerary, many details are intriguing and contain deep meaning.

Detail 1 Talking about the "bottom line" at the first stop in Wujiang

  On the afternoon of February 3, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Qianxi County, Bijie City, to inspect the ecological environment of the Wujiang River in Liuchong.

Choosing the Wujiang River as the first stop not only reflects Xi Jinping's great emphasis on river ecology, but also highlights the importance of ecological priority and a green development path.

  The Wujiang River is the mother river of Guizhou. It is the river basin area with the fastest economic and social development, scale and influence in Guizhou. It is also an important control unit for the prevention and control of water pollution in the upper reaches of the Three Gorges Reservoir, a key national river basin.

  Due to outstanding water ecological and environmental problems, the Wujiang River once sounded an ecological "alert", and the pollution control situation in some river basins was severe, and some local people even called it "pollution river".

In recent years, through the "iron fist" pollution control, the Wujiang ecological environment quality has been significantly improved, and the beauty of a river of clear water flowing eastward has been reproduced.

  The key to Wujiang's change lies in the firm practice of the concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", and a new path of ecological priority and green development.

  "Keeping the two bottom lines of development and ecology" is the requirement that Xi Jinping clearly put forward during this inspection, and it is also his long-term expectation of Guizhou.

  Today, Wujiang has beautiful mountains and picturesque scenery, and the tourism industry on the riverside is also booming. This is the fruit of maintaining the two bottom lines of development and ecology.

Detail 2 "Consolidation" in the housing estate

  After inspecting the ecological environment of the Wujiang River, Xi Jinping went to the Huawu Village on the riverside to investigate.

  Before 2004, Huawu Village was a deeply impoverished village where “traffic relies on walking and communications relies on roaring”. In recent years, the poverty-stricken population has been eliminated through the development of characteristic planting and breeding and tourism.

  "Employment is a basic measure to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation." In the homes of villagers, Xi Jinping never forgets to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation.

  Winning the battle against poverty is only to solve the problem of absolute poverty, and we must do a good job in consolidating the article on poverty alleviation to prevent the return of poverty due to illness and disaster.

The most effective way to consolidate and expand the results of poverty alleviation is to promote rural revitalization.

  During this inspection, Xi Jinping kindly told the villagers that the Chinese nation is a big family, with 56 ethnic groups and 56 flowers.

To build a well-off society in an all-round way, a nation cannot be left behind; neither can a nation be left behind in a comprehensive construction of socialist modernization.

He hoped that the villagers would "actively develop rural industries to facilitate the people's employment at home" and "after alleviating poverty, we must continue to promote rural revitalization and accelerate the modernization of agriculture and rural areas."

Detail 3 Poverty alleviation workshop praised "embroidery"

  Huawu Village is dominated by the Miao nationality and is the hometown of Chinese folk culture and art.

In the poverty alleviation workshop, pieces of exquisite handmade Miao-embroidered clothing and characteristic small accessories have attracted the attention of the General Secretary.

"How wonderful it is that you can embroider them one by one!" He praised enthusiastically.

  Miao embroidery, known as the "historical book worn on the body", uses needles and threads to outline the radiant Miao culture.

Nowadays, Miao embroidery not only contributes to the inheritance and promotion of national and traditional culture, but also a coup for poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. It is the result of precise poverty alleviation "embroidery".

The beautiful new life of the Miao people in Huawu Village "embroidered with one stitch and one thread" is the epitome of the poverty-stricken ethnic minority areas and their prosperity.

  During the inspection, Xi Jinping pointed out that the national is the world.

The characteristic Miao embroidery is both traditional and fashionable. It is both a culture and an industry. It can not only promote traditional culture, but also promote the revitalization of the countryside. It is necessary to inherit and develop the national traditional culture, including Miao embroidery.

Detail 4 Fresh supermarket pushes "features"

  On February 4, Xi Jinping inspected and investigated in Guiyang City.

At the Heli Huimin Fresh Supermarket in Guanshanhu District, he carefully checked the prices of commodities and learned about the local supply guarantees for "vegetable baskets", "rice bags", and "fruit plates".

The Heli Huimin Fresh Food Chain Supermarket is jointly constructed by the Guiyang Municipal Government and agricultural product circulation companies to create a non-profit commodity retail terminal that solves the problem of "difficult and expensive grocery shopping" for ordinary people.

  In the past year, the epidemic has accelerated the transformation of the retail industry, dominated by traditional supermarkets.

Under the new development pattern, industries such as supermarkets need to adapt to changes and to meet demand and create demand with high-quality comprehensive service capabilities.

Heli Huimin Fresh Food Supermarket is led by the government, and the government and enterprises are united to connect farmers and citizens, and operate at a low profit, so that both ends have benefits.

This characteristic operation model is both "joining forces" and "benefiting the people", no wonder it will be "liked" by the general secretary.

  This is not the first time that the General Secretary has visited a supermarket during an inspection on the eve of the Spring Festival.

The commissary in Gujiatai Village, Fuping, Hebei, and Aimin Community Supermarket, Chugulan Street, Xilinhot City, Inner Mongolia, have all left the "New Year's Footprints" of the General Secretary.

  The general secretary's on-site investigations brought down the concerns about people's livelihood to the subtleties.

No matter how small things are related to the vital interests of the people, they are more important in Xi Jinping's mind.

Detail 5 "Basics" of Jinyuan Community Talk

  In Guiyang, Xi Jinping came to Jinyuan Community, Jinyang Street, Guanshanhu District, to learn about the development of convenient services and strengthening grassroots party building.

  Community governance is the foundation of social governance. In the past year, communities have played an irreplaceable role in curbing the spread of the epidemic and protecting the lives of the people.

Guided by party building, Jinyuan Community has actively promoted the “triple network integration” of party building network, Ping An network, and people’s livelihood network, which has improved the ability and level of grassroots governance.

  In many investigations and investigations, Xi Jinping has emphasized the important role of grassroots governance.

In the Jinyuan community, Xi Jinping once again emphasized that we must do a good job in the basic work of grassroots governance modernization.

"A strong grassroots will make the country strong, and security at the grassroots level will ensure the world is safe." He said that we must adhere to the purpose of serving the people, build urban and rural community organizations and convenience service centers, and strengthen the community's functions for the people, convenience and security, so that residents have needs , The community has services, so that the community becomes the most assured and safest harbor for residents.

Detail 6 Look at "Sky Eye" and talk about "Heavy Device"

  On the morning of February 5th, Xi Jinping observed the scene of "China Sky Eye" through video, and connected with representatives of scientific and technological workers in the general control room to wish them and the vast number of scientific and technological workers across the country.

  The starry sky is vast and the sky is vast.

Astronomy is a cutting-edge science that breeds major original discoveries, and it is also a strategic commanding height that promotes technological progress and innovation.

The inauguration of "China Sky Eye" is of great significance for my country to achieve major original breakthroughs in the frontier of science and accelerate innovation-driven development.

  Xi Jinping pointed out that the "China Sky Eye" is a major national scientific and technological infrastructure, a giant eye for observing the sky, and the country's heaviest weapon. It has achieved a major original breakthrough in the field of frontier science in my country. A large number of scientific and technological workers represented by Nan Rendong To this end, working silently, selfless dedication, is touching.

  The road to technological innovation is endless.

Xi Jinping emphasized: "To build a modern socialist country in an all-round way, we must insist on science and technology first and give play to the key and backbone role of technological innovation."

  Speeding up the construction of a science and technology power and realizing scientific and technological self-reliance will not be a smooth road.

But "the infinite scenery is at the dangerous peak", standing on the peak of science, China will definitely see a more magnificent and vast future development prospects.

  Xinhuanet Cheng Yao