China News Service, Toronto, February 6 (Reporter Yu Ruidong) The New Year of the Ox is approaching.

The Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Canada has recently started to distribute "Spring Festival packages" to overseas Chinese and students in Canada.

In an interview with reporters, the consular officer of the Chinese Embassy in Canada said that looking back on the past year, the embassy in Canada has actively practiced the concept of "diplomacy for the people", and went all out to do consular protection and document work, safeguard the health and safety of overseas Chinese and their legal rights and interests. Overseas Chinese in Canada felt the care of the motherland under the epidemic.

Make every effort to arrange temporary flights to assist compatriots in distress to return home

  According to the domestic deployment, the Chinese Embassy in Canada arranged 20 temporary flights to Canada during the three consecutive months from May to July last year, orderly picking up more than 4,500 foreign students and other personnel who were indeed in serious difficulties.

Some of them are minors and unaccompanied elementary and middle school students, some are college graduates who have just graduated and are suffering from severe depression, and some are elderly people who suffer from severe chronic diseases and lack medical care and medicine.

  During this period, the embassy replied more than 15,000 emails, and the number of calls received was on Wantong.

In order to arrange temporary flights, some staff members have no weekends and holidays for several months. It is more common to work overtime late at night.

  After many students returned home, their parents or students themselves wrote to the embassy to express their gratitude.

An international student wrote: "It is the concern of the embassy that made me feel the warmth from the motherland in a foreign country. This is also the place we are most proud of as Chinese!"

  A freshly graduated college student, whose visa and rent are about to expire and suffers from illness, is extremely anxious.

At the end of June, he finally received a ticket purchase notice for a temporary flight.

, He wrote to the embassy immediately after returning home, saying: "Today, the motherland overcomes all difficulties and takes me home; tomorrow, I will do my best to defend my homeland!"

Issue reminders in time to help fight the epidemic together

  The Chinese Embassy in Canada closely follows the progress of the epidemic in Canada and its prevention and control measures. It has repeatedly issued safety reminders through its official website and WeChat official account, promoted an online health consultation platform, and successively issued more than 30 safety reminders related to the epidemic.

At the end of June last year, the embassy issued a special reminder on "telecommunications fraud in the name of organizing temporary flights."

In September, in response to the frequent occurrence of telecommunication fraud cases, "Terror!" was launched based on real cases.

"200,000 Canadian dollars disappear in an instant" video animation short film.

  After the outbreak of the epidemic, Cong Peiwu, the Chinese envoy to Canada, paid special attention to the group of overseas students.

At the beginning of April last year, Cong Peiwu had video conversations with representatives of college and middle school students from various regions in Canada on issues of concern to overseas students, so as to patiently guide and resolve doubts for the students.

After April, Canadian universities have successively closed their dormitories and canteens, which has severely affected the accommodation of many Chinese students who were unable to leave the school due to the epidemic.

For this reason, Cong Peiwu had many telephone conversations with the presidents of many universities, asking them to properly resolve and effectively safeguard the health and safety of Chinese students.

  In June, in order to help Chinese overseas students prevent and alleviate the psychological distress caused by the epidemic, the embassy specially invited senior Chinese psychologists in Canada to provide psychological counseling services for overseas students through the service hotline.

  At the end of last year, the embassy issued a New Year's condolence letter "Winter is here, will spring be far behind" to overseas Chinese and students in Canada, encouraging everyone to strengthen their confidence and fight the epidemic together.

The embassy also distributed more than 20,000 “health packs” containing masks, Lianhua Qingwen capsules, disinfection tissues and other anti-epidemic items to Chinese students in the consular area through the form of adding colleges and universities and distributing in person.

  In April, a local overseas Chinese called the embassy for assistance after being diagnosed with the new crown.

The embassy immediately sent Lianhua Qingwen Capsules, and from time to time checked the condition of the disease through the phone until he recovered.

  Canada implemented a "customs closure" due to the epidemic.

In July last year, a parent in China was admitted to the intensive care unit of a local Canadian hospital due to a sudden illness of his son, and requested the embassy to assist him in an emergency to Canada to accompany him.

The embassy guided him to apply for a visa while actively doing work in Canada, and finally allowed the parent to successfully obtain a visa.

  The Embassy in Canada also properly handled a number of consular insurance cases involving Chinese citizens in 2020.

In November last year, an international student was abused and beaten.

After learning, the embassy quickly learned the details, offered condolences, and urged the local police to bring the suspect to justice.

The suspect has been detained and prosecuted.

Open up a green channel, and the certificate service will not stop

  Since April last year, affected by the epidemic, the permit hall of the Chinese Embassy in Canada has been temporarily closed to the public. However, the embassy has ensured that the "green channel" is unblocked, providing various certificate services for people in special emergencies, and designating a person to be responsible for telephone and email consultation services To ensure smooth connections.

  Since mid-September last year, the embassy has piloted a small-scale “no-face-to-face” licensing model, which will be fully implemented in November.

The current average daily acceptance volume has exceeded the normal level before the epidemic.

Due to the fact that there are many ways to apply for a “no-face” certificate under the epidemic situation, the tasks of embassy staff are more arduous. The number of calls received and sent and received each day has increased significantly, and it is more time-consuming and labor-intensive to process a large number of mailing applications in accordance with epidemic prevention requirements. But the staff is tireless and enthusiastic about service.

  After receiving the completed documents, many overseas Chinese wrote letters or left messages "like".

Someone said: "In this special and difficult period, I feel the strong support and help given by the motherland, and it is as warm as the sun!"

  "We are connected by blood, we breathe together, and we share fate with overseas wanderers. The Chinese government always cares about overseas Chinese and always cares about everyone's health. The Chinese Embassy in Canada will always be the strongest support for our compatriots." Recently, the Chinese Embassy in Canada At the online Spring Festival reception, Ambassador Cong Peiwu said, “We will continue to actively support everyone in the fight against the epidemic, and the consular protection and assistance hotline will remain open 24 hours a day. Let us work together and look forward to the early arrival of the spring of global anti-epidemic victory. ."