China News Service, Harbin, February 7 (Reporter Shi Yifu) The Heilongjiang Provincial Health and Health Commission issued a message on the 7th that at 0-24 on the 6th, there were no new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and asymptomatic infections in Heilongjiang Province.

  29 new confirmed cases were cured and discharged that day, including 25 in Wangkui County, Suihua City, 1 in Hailun City, 2 in Limin Development Zone, Harbin, and 1 in Zhaozhou County, Daqing City. Among them, the confirmed cases in Daqing City were cleared.

  On the same day, 52 cases of asymptomatic infections were released from medical observation, including 28 cases in Wangkui County of Suihua City, 1 case in Qinggang County, 7 cases in Limin Development Zone of Harbin City, 3 cases in Hulan District, 9 cases in Angangxi District of Qiqihar City, Jianhua District 1 case, 2 cases in Fulaerji District, 1 case in Daqingshan County, Yichun City, and zero asymptomatic infections in Qiqihar City and Yichun City.

  As of 24:00 on February 6, 2021, there are currently 387 confirmed cases in the province, including 273 ordinary cases and 114 mild cases; 371 cases of asymptomatic infections are present.