An accident occurred in which a glacier fell from Mt. Nandadebi in the Himalayas in northern India and hit a nearby dam.

Suddenly, the dam collapsed and the rapids poured out, leaving at least 100 people missing.

Reporter Park Won-kyung reports.

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morning of today (7th), a glacier fell from Mt. Nandadebi on the Rishgangga Dam in Uttarakhand Province in northern India.

The dam was destroyed by the spilled glacier, causing rapid rapids to sweep around the dam.

Witnesses said, "Avalanches of glacial glaciers with a roaring sound occurred, and floods occurred at a rapid rate without warning."

Disaster authorities estimate that more than 100 people, including workers in the construction of the Lishiganga hydroelectric power plant and residents of the surrounding villages, have been missing.

Two bodies have been found at the site so far.

The Indian Air Force is also conducting an aerial search as soldiers, police and disaster response teams are dispatched to the flood site for search and rescue operations.

In the state of Uttarakhand, a record heavy rain in June 2013 caused landslides and floods, killing nearly 6,000 people.

(Video editing: Kim Jong-woo)