The WHO = World Health Organization research team visiting Wuhan, China, has almost completed the inspections of related parties and analyzed the data obtained so far in order to clarify the source of the new coronavirus. I am going and will be returning to Japan on the 10th of this month.

The WHO research team, which is made up of experts from various countries including Japan, has been conducting a full-scale survey in Wuhan since 29th last month, and the seafood market where many patients were confirmed in the early stages of the spread of the virus and the corona of bats. We visited the Wuhan Institute of Virginology, which was known for its virus research and claimed that the virus may have leaked from the former Trump administration in the United States, and interviewed the people concerned.

On the other hand, after the 5th, it has not been confirmed that they are going out from the hotel where they are staying.

According to the members of the research team, the inspections to the related parties are almost over, and the data obtained so far are being analyzed, so we are planning to return to Japan on the 10th of this month.

According to the WHO, the investigation in Wuhan is limited to places and people arranged by the Chinese side, and facilities with strong publicity of the Chinese government, such as an exhibition that appeals that the infection was successfully contained under the Chinese Communist Party. A lot of time is also spent on visiting the site.

One member of the research team told Reuters that "the first thing we need to know is to scrutinize what we know and align it with the data. A series of projects can take years." It is expected that it will take some time to clarify the source.