Four skiers were killed in an avalanche in a gorge in the Rocky Mountains in the US state of Utah on Saturday.

Four other skiers could be rescued, US media report based on information from the police.

The skiers were buried under the snow mass in Millcreek Canyon.

At around noon (local time), emergency services received a rescue signal from inside the canyon.

After the avalanche, authorities began a search for the buried victims who broadcast the distress signals.

During the rescue operation in the remote area, helicopters were used, among other things.

Heavy snowfall is expected again in the region in the coming days, and authorities are warning of new avalanches.

The names of the victims have not yet been announced.

The medical status of the four survivors is also still unknown.

We are sad to officially report that indeed there were four avalanche fatalities today in Wilson Glen.

Our hearts go out to the families and friends involved.

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Avatar Author MillcreekCanyonMoment of places23: 31 - 6 February 2021