(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Austrian Prime Minister: If approved in the European Union, willing to use and produce Chinese and Russian vaccines

  China News Agency, Berlin, February 7 (Reporter Peng Dawei) Austrian Chancellor Kurz told German media on the 7th that if the new crown vaccine developed by China or Russia is approved in the EU, he will be willing to vaccinate, and Austria will also seek domestic Production of Sino-Russian vaccines.

Kurtz emphasized that vaccines have nothing to do with geographical competition, the only important thing is their effectiveness, safety and rapid supply.

  Kurz made the above remarks in an interview with German "Sunday Monde" that day.

  When asked how he views the criticism of the EU's new crown vaccine supply process, Kurtz said that in his opinion, the current work of providing vaccines to the EU people is not ideal. This is mainly caused by two reasons, namely the speed of vaccine approval. And vaccine manufacturers are in short supply.

  When answering whether he was willing to receive the Russian "Satellite-V" vaccine or the vaccine developed by China, Kurtz responded that he would receive the vaccine as long as the relevant vaccine is approved in the EU.

"On the issue of vaccines, the only important thing is effectiveness, safety and rapid supply, without involving geopolitical competition."

  Kurtz further stated that once Russian and Chinese vaccine manufacturers are approved within the EU and begin to produce their vaccines in the EU, Austria "will undoubtedly seek to produce Russian or Chinese vaccines by qualified domestic companies."

  He said that this also applies to vaccine manufacturers from other countries.

"The focus is on obtaining safe vaccines in large quantities as quickly as possible, regardless of who developed the vaccine."

  This is the second time in a week that Kurtz has expressed an open position on vaccines between China and Russia.

On the 4th of this month, he stated on social media that there should be no “geopolitical taboos” when approving vaccines. As long as China and Russia submit applications for vaccines, the European Medicines Agency should review them.

He said that every additional effective and approved vaccine is important to combat the epidemic.

"Only through international cooperation can we overcome this epidemic." (End)