While the February holidays have started for zone A, the hypothesis of extending these winter holidays in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus epidemic seems to have been abandoned.

"We do not even know if these hypotheses are still under study, or what is prepared for the start of the school year," laments the Snes union.

Winter holidays in the shadow of the coronavirus.

This Saturday marks the beginning of the holidays for Zone A. A holiday without departures in the sun, without ski lifts and with a curfew at 6 p.m.

While 105 schools are closed across the territory, or 934 classes out of 500,000, because of Covid-19, the return of students to the school benches should however be done normally and on the scheduled date.

Because if it was a time considered to extend these winter holidays to limit the spread of the epidemic, the option was ultimately not retained by the government.

Which plunges some teachers into incomprehension. 

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Coronavirus: follow the evolution of the situation on Saturday January 6

"We don't even know if these hypotheses are still being studied"

"We do not even know if these hypotheses are still under study, or what is prepared for the start of the school year," laments at the microphone of Europe 1 Sophie Vénétitay, deputy secretary of the National Union of Secondary Education (SNES), majority in the second degree.

"We have the impression of being always in this vagueness which characterizes the National Education since the beginning of the crisis. Perhaps announcements could be once again made overnight, so that does not facilitate a certain serenity on the day of the start of the holidays for certain areas. " 


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A strengthening of the health protocol from kindergarten to high school

Still, the possibility of extending the February holidays has given way to the strengthening of the school health protocol announced this week.

As a reminder, in kindergarten, a single case of Covid-19 is now enough to close the class, against three previously.

As for primary schools, colleges and high schools: in the event of contamination due to a variant, the entire class will be closed.

Previously, three contaminations were necessary to declare the closure of a class.