During the tribute to Estelle Luce in Orschwihr, Saturday February 6.



Several hundred people took part on Saturday in Orschwihr, an Alsatian village in Haut-Rhin, in a white march in tribute to Estelle Luce who was said to have been the victim of the “HRD killer”, suspected of having also killed an employee of Pôle Emploi in Valence and another HRD in Drôme.

At the end of the funeral of this 39-year-old woman, mother of two children, around 500 people, according to the gendarmes, took charge, with a white rose in their hand, of the Bollenberg chapel, in the middle of the vines, on the heights of the village.

At the head of the procession, the family of the victim held a banner on which appeared a large photo of the smiling HRD, surrounded by doves.

After walking for half an hour to the sound of bagpipes, the walkers, visibly moved for many, silently placed their roses in front of this small chapel with white walls.

Inside, an altar, decorated with candles, was erected in memory of Estelle Luce.

This chapel "is a place that Estelle liked a lot", explained the mayor of Orschwihr Marie-Josée Staender.

"The population is in shock"

In this town of a thousand inhabitants where Estelle Luce had resided for several years with her companion, “the population is in shock, it is something brutal, something violent that has never happened in this village. », Confided the mayor.

After a moment of contemplation, his companion Alain spoke to thank for the support received.

"The pain will never go away, but all you do for us is a little comfort," he said surrounded by the girls and relatives of the victim.

Estelle Luce was found shot dead in her car in the parking lot of her company in Wolfgantzen (Haut-Rhin), near Colmar, on January 26 at the end of the afternoon.

The same day, another HR Director, with whom Estelle Luce had worked in 2008 in a company in Eure-et-Loir, was shot, also in Haut-Rhin.

This assassination attempt was committed by a man who turned out to be Gabriel Fortin, the suspected killer of Valence and Drôme, dismissed from the same company, at the time when the two HRDs were working there, said Monday. the prosecutor of the Republic of Mulhouse Edwige Roux-Morizot.

In the case of the murder of Estelle Luce, of which there was no direct witness, the investigators consider that the author would also be this unemployed engineer living in Nancy, but for the moment this link has not yet been formally established, neither by the public prosecutor of Colmar, nor by that of Valence.

Arrested at the wheel of his car, the man was indicted for "assassinations" for the victims of Valence and Drôme.


The man suspected of having killed two HRDs and a Pôle Emploi counselor was transferred to a psychiatric unit


The man, suspected of having killed two HRDs and a Pôle Emploi advisor, is also involved in an assassination attempt

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