The tag # We are all Anoud invades the communication sites

A Yemeni girl narrates her tragedy .. her divorced man distorted her face while laughing

The story of a young Yemeni woman, Al-Anoud Hussein Sheryan, and pictures of her blackened face, and her darkened eye, has swept the communication sites recently, especially among Yemenis.

Activists launched the hashtag # We Are All-Anoud, to highlight the tragedy of some girls in Yemen who suffer from being married young and also harassing them.

“Al-Anoud,” his 19-year-old son who lost her left eye and suffered from third and fourth degree burns, still remembers the moment her ex-husband assaulted her, waiting only for a “new beginning” that she might see far away, after his face was severely distorted.

Perhaps this injustice against her is what triggered a campaign of sympathy with her, to encourage her not to despair and adhere to hope.

The girl believed that her tragedy was nearing the end after her divorce from a man whom she was forced to marry at the age of twelve, but he attacked her with acid four years later, in revenge.

The girl, who is now 19 years old, told her story from Sanaa, to Agence France-Presse, in a rare testimony, and said: "He pulled me by my hair and poured acid on me. He was laughing while he was pouring acid. I could do nothing but close my eyes."

Al-Anoud described her life with her husband as "hell in hell", indicating that he used to beat her, tie her with wires, and assault her.

As for the reason for her early marriage, I said that her father died when she was young, so her mother remarried, and after a while she married her at the age of twelve, and after she lived four years describing her life during which it was like the life of a "slave", Anoud obtained a divorce She moved to live with her sister, and decided to return to studies and then worked in the field of nursing in a private hospital, but last October, her ex-husband attacked her inside her sister's house after she refused to return to him.

Al-Anoud received treatment in the private clinic where she worked, while she is currently waiting to undergo three plastic surgeries to fix what can be fixed.

While the attending physician, Mutawakkil Shahari, acknowledged the difficulty and high cost of the operations, he emphasized that "irreversible psychological effects" will follow the young woman, while her ex-husband remains a fugitive from justice.

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