It was at 2 pm on Thursday that the woman rested her dog on a farm on Bodekullsgatan in Malmö and noticed that it was eating something, which Kvällposten was the first to tell about.

- The dog gets hold of a small bun that the woman gets out of the dog's mouth and it contains a piece of glass, says Jimmy Modin, the police's press spokesperson, to SVT Skåne.

There is no indication that the dog was injured.

- Not what it appears in the report, but from what I understand, she got it out before the dog has had time to chew or swallow, says Jimmy Modin.

Three glass finds in the last week

The event is not the first during the week.

- In the last week, we have received three reports, says Jimmy Modin.

On Monday morning, two buns with glass were found on Torekovsgatan.

On Wednesday, even then in the morning, a complainant found three buns with baked glass at a dog kennel on Uddeholmsgatan.

The three places are close to each other.

- We have received many reports and the investigation is a priority, they are working on it, says Jimmy Modin.

 SVT Nyheter Skåne has previously met the dog owner Sebastian Lamberth who found a bun with broken glass when he was out with his puppy.

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Sebastian Lamberth talks about the danger to dogs in Rörsjöparken and Malmö.

Photo: Sebastian Lamberth / Johanna Olofsson