Some people on the island mentioned "chips for vaccines", Taiwan media: this statement is wishful thinking and caters to the green camp "Taiwan pride"

  [Global Times reporter Zhang Ruo] The first video conference on Taiwan-US industrial cooperation will be held on the 5th.

The issue of "chips for vaccines" has once again surfaced, but it has caused controversy.

Many people believe that TSMC’s chips should not be used as a "diplomatic bargaining chip."

  The theme of the Taiwan-U.S. dialogue on the 5th is "Supply Chain Restructuring" and will discuss the recent shortage of automotive chips.

In addition to TSMC and UMC, the industry participants on the island also have other major semiconductor manufacturers. It is expected that the US auto industry will request Taiwan's support for automotive chips.

Taiwan’s "Ministry of Economic Affairs" stated that the goal is to obtain a suitable vaccine in the shortest possible time and will ask the United States for assistance. However, vaccines are a major issue related to public health, and there is no exchange issue and should not be compared.

  The so-called "chip for vaccine" proposal was initiated by Germany.

According to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported on the 4th, the German Minister of Economy recently wrote to Taiwan’s "Minister of Economy" Wang Meihua, hoping that chip manufacturers such as TSMC can increase shipments to Germany because the shortage of chips has endangered the auto industry.

Wang Meihua immediately invited the conglomerates to negotiate and ask them to squeeze out the production capacity. The German representative to Taiwan, Wang Zitao, also paid a visit to the "Ministry of Economy" for this.

Not long after, TSMC issued a statement stating that it would accelerate the production of automotive chips.

For this reason, the "Taiwan Economic Institute" recommended that the Taiwan authorities use "chips for vaccines," and the "Legislative Yuan" also reached a consensus to recommend to the authorities in the form of resolutions.

Regarding the attitude of the DPP authorities, Taiwan’s "Minister of Economy" Wang Meihua originally said that he did not talk to Germany about changing the vaccine, but soon replied that he had told the German representative to Taiwan Wang Tao at the meeting that he hoped that Germany would help Taiwan obtain the vaccine. .

Chen Shizhong, the commander of Taiwan’s "Central Epidemic Command Center", also said that vaccines have international distribution problems. If it is a commercial activity, Taiwan’s strengths can be used as a bargaining chip, which is "optimistic."

  TCC Chairman Zhang Anping agrees with "chips for vaccines" and believes that Taiwan lacks vaccines. It is a fact, "We help them do business (increasing production of chips), and the other party can help us what we need. This is a reasonable business behavior. Just don't let the other party fail. Giving us vaccines will not help, and we cannot threaten each other."

Zhu Lilun, the former chairman of the Kuomintang, said that why vaccines have been launched around the world for a month or two, and there is not a single vaccine in Taiwan. At least the first-line medical and epidemic prevention personnel must be used to exchange it with the most expensive and various exchange methods. To protect the frontline personnel and the people of Taiwan.

Lian Shengwen, chairman of the Youth Development Association, said that "chips for vaccines" is an interesting idea, but it may not be easy to implement.

He bluntly said that even though it is true that major countries are hoarding vaccines, this cannot be the only reason why Taiwan has not received vaccines.

  Former "legislator" Sun Daqian questioned that the United States allowed Taiwan to spend a lot of money on arms and forced Taiwan to swallow Lai pigs (including lean pigs). Why can't it help Taiwan obtain vaccines and give medical staff priority to fight them?

The representative to the United States, Xiao Meiqin, has so much time to show off being invited to attend the inauguration of US President Biden. It is better to spend more time helping Taiwan obtain vaccines.

He said that when masks were urgently needed around the world last year, Taiwan donated a large amount of masks. The DPP authorities boasted that Taiwan can help (Taiwan can help) all day long, but now when Taiwan needs help (Taiwan needs help), why no one can What about help (nobody helps)?

Taiwan has actually fallen into the need to use chips for vaccines.

Internet celebrity Zhu Xueheng mentioned that TSMC responded to the demand for increasing production, saying, “If it can further expand its production capacity, it will give priority to the production of automotive semiconductors.” “On the surface, the answer is very polite, but in fact it completely rejected the request because there is no increase in production. The reason why TSMC can adopt such a posture is undoubtedly because of its strong strength.

He bluntly said that if the DPP authorities would not even accept vaccines from the mainland distributors, and Taiwan would probably not be able to grab any vaccines from mainland agents in Greater China, then there would really be not many options.

  Taiwan’s “Wang Pao” reported on the 4th that vaccines are like a mirror, reflecting Taiwan’s distorted sense of loss under the imbalance of cross-strait hard power. Although Taiwan’s wishful thinking of "chips for vaccines", it caters to the so-called "Taiwan" led by the green camp. Pride".

The article reminds that if Tsai Ing-wen's authorities really cannot buy vaccines, they should not be swollen and obese or care about him. Instead, they should adopt a pragmatic attitude that is open, discussable, and reviewable when introducing vaccines from mainland China.

"Wang Meihua can't use TSMC chips as a diplomatic bargaining chip." The United Daily News published an editorial on this topic on the 4th, saying that Wang Meihua used her power to demand that the industry give priority to the production of chips for specific car manufacturers. This is openly interfering in the operation of private enterprises. "If tomorrow (referring to 5th) The U.S. asks for comparison in the supply chain dialogue, and even asks for higher requirements. How will Wang Meihua respond?" The article said that Wang Meihua dared to speak to TSMC and other companies in order to use chips as a bargaining chip and hope to harvest. "Diplomatic achievements", but turning a deaf ear to the losses caused by the industry will be no different from killing chickens. "Wang Meihua must remember that he is the Minister of Economy and is responsible for maintaining the growth of enterprises. They should not be pushed to the diplomatic front line and squandered."